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    What paint should be paid attention to in Marine paint?

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    • Date:2021-08-10
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           For hull, freeboard and underwater area.

          1, freeboard, general primer is antirust epoxy paint, top coat can choose polyurethane or epoxy top coat.

          2, underwater areas, general two degrees of epoxy primer, once connected paint, and one to two degrees of antifouling paint.

          3, ballast tank, are two degrees of epoxy paint, it should be noted that the top coat is generally light color appropriate.

          4, the fresh water tank will use special paint or semi-special paint, pure epoxy or high performance modified epoxy (such as phenolic epoxy).

          5. Ordinary two-degree epoxy paint is sufficient for the cargo hold of bulk carriers. If it is a product tanker, the cargo tank should be painted with the corresponding special paint.

         Ordinary alkyd paint is sufficient for engine room and superstructure interior. Common epoxy primer for superstructure and main deck, choice of polyurethane or epoxy topcoat. Bulkhead stuff, it's all epoxy paint.

          Above are the general matching of ocean liner.

          Dry film thickness is the thickness of the coating after drying. Attention should be paid to the condition control of paint construction, such as humidity.

          What paint will be used on different areas of the ship

          Each part of the ship is in different corrosive environment, subjected to different effects of the outside world, so the performance requirements of the coating are different, very particular.

         1. Bottom area

         The bottom area of the ship is immersed in seawater for a long time, which is subjected to the electrochemical corrosion and erosion of seawater. When the ship is moored in the harbor, it will also be threatened by the pollution of Marine organisms. In addition, ships usually also use sacrifice anode or impressed current for cathodic protection, the entire underwater area of the hull will become a cathode, will appear alkaline due to excess hydrogen and oxygen ions. Therefore, the paint used in the bottom area must have good water resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, and the outer coating should also have anti-fouling to prevent the attachment of Marine organisms.

          2. Waterline area

    The waterline is often in the water, wash, and sunlight insolates dry-wet alternate state, namely in the splash zone this special corrosion environment, so must be used in both parts of the coating has good water resistance, weather resistance, resistance to dry and wet alternation, coating should have good mechanical strength, resistance to friction and impact resistance, when ship by cathodic protection, also requires coating has a good alkali resistance.

          3. Atmospheric exposure area

    The ship's freeboard, superstructure exterior, open deck and deck outfitting are in the exposed area of Marine atmosphere. These parts are in the salty moist Marine atmosphere for years and years, and are often exposed to sunlight, and sometimes by the impact of waves. Therefore, it is required that the coating has excellent rust resistance, impact resistance and friction performance. Because the above parts belong to the main parts of the ship's appearance, so the surface coating also needs good color retention and light retention.

          Warships below the waterline are often painted with iron red antirust paint, such as chlorinated rubber antirust paint; When using epoxy asphalt bottom anti-rust paint, it appears black or brown; Waterline area can be used is the same as the bottom coating, can also be individually using phenolic resin, chlorinated rubber, epoxy asphalt, such as type of paint to the waterline, the former two red, the latter is black or brown, warships above water appearance of coating, stealth more to consider, as far as possible on the vision and trading background color harmony, electronic stealth has added to the radar absorbing composition, but generally does not Change the visuals.








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