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    What are the ways to prevent or mitigate pipeline corrosion?

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            Five common measures of steel anticorrosion

            Corrosion protection is one of the important topics in the production and application of steel. If the steel working in corrosive environment lacks good corrosion protection, the service life of steel will be greatly shortened and the reliability will be reduced. The anticorrosion of steel has formed a variety of different ways in long-term practice. The following are five common ways of anticorrosion of steel.

             1, weathering steel

            The corrosion resistance of weathering steel is significantly higher than that of ordinary structural steel. The special corrosion resistance of weathering steel is due to the addition of phosphorus, copper, nickel, chromium, titanium and other metals in its production. In this way, a protective layer can be formed on the metal surface of the weathering steel, and the corrosion resistance of the weathering steel is greatly improved.

            2. Hot dip zinc

            The anticorrosion of steel can be accomplished by hot dipping zinc. The specific way is to dip the derusted steel into the molten zinc solution at high temperature to form a zinc layer on the surface of the steel, so as to achieve the effect of anticorrosion protection of the steel. Iron and steel anticorrosion using hot dip zinc can ensure long-term corrosion resistance, so hot dip zinc is more suitable for industrial production, has a high stability.

            3, aluminum zinc coating

            Another common way to prevent corrosion of iron and steel is thermal spraying aluminum zinc composite coating, the effect of this steel anticorrosion lasts as long as hot dip zinc. The advantages of thermal spraying aluminum-zinc composite coating for steel corrosion prevention are that its construction technology is not affected by the shape of steel components and will not cause the deformation of steel components.

            4, coating method

            The coating method of steel anticorrosion is more used in indoor steel structure, and the coating method can also be used in outdoor steel structure, but the maintenance cost is relatively high. The advantage of using coating method for steel anticorrosion lies in its low one-time cost, while its disadvantage lies in its construction must consider the surrounding environment.

    5. Cathodic Protection Law

            Cathodic protection is often used in steel corrosion protection, the principle is to add active metal on the surface structure of steel, so according to the galvanic battery theory, active metal will be sacrificed as the anode of galvanic battery, and the protection of steel surface will not lose ions. Cathodic protection is used to protect steel under water and in soil.








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